How to contact Wema Bank Customer Care: Phone Number, Email, Social Media

 How to contact Wema Bank Customer Care: Phone Number, Email, Social Media

Wema Bank is an award-winning financial institution that has served many individuals, and businesses in Nigeria. They were granted the Universal Banking Licence and have broadly expanded since then. Using technology, they’ve been able to drive their products and services and get results. With technology, they were able to launch ALAT, Nigeria’s first fully digital bank. Wema back over the years have provided its customers with retail, SME, trade, treasury, business advisory and corporate banking services.

In this article, we provide the customer care details of Wema Bank.

Wema Bank Customer Care: Branch Close to You

With a network of over 150 business office within Nigeria, Wema Bank has a wide spread. That said, you can walk into any Wema Bank branch and make enquiries concerning a product or service, or to lay a complaint.

Wema Bank Customer Care: Phone Number

You can speak with a customer care representative through phone and have them attend to your needs. Simply dial the number provided below:

  • 07000PURPLE (07000787753)
  • +234-8039003700
  • +234-01-277-7700-9

You can also send an SMS to 07051112111

Wema Bank Customer Care: Email Address

You can send Wema Bank an email to lay your complaints or ask any questions. Write then a message and send to:

Wema Bank Customer Care: WhatsApp

You can do more on your account with Wema Bank presence on WhatsApp. With the social chatting platform, you can chat with Wema Bank customer care representative. Simply do this by sending a message to the number below:

  • 09044411010

Wema Bank Customer Care: Website

Wema Bank has a functional website that you can navigate easily. The website also contains information about their various products and services and it also features an help page. Feel free to check their website and your questions may be answered. Visit .

Wema Bank Website
Wema Bank Website

Wema Bank Customer Care: Social Media Handles

Wema Bank is active on various social media platforms. On these platforms, it is easy today reach them and lay your complaints or ask questions. Their social media handles are as below:

Wema Bank Facebook:

Wema Bank Facebook
Wema Bank Facebook

Wema Bank Twitter: @wemabank

Wema bank Twitter
Wema bank Twitter

Wema Bank Instagram: @wemabank

Wema Bank Customer Care: Contact Form

You don’t have to even leave Wema Bank’s website to reach out to them; right from the website, you can use their contact from to get through to them. You just need to fill in details such as your name, email and write a message. Visit their website to see this form.

Wema Bank Contact Form
Wema Bank Contact Form